Lidija Dimkovska (North Macedonia)

Lidija Dimkovska was born in 1971 in Skopje, and since 2001 has lived in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Writes in Macedonian. She graduated from the Department of General and Comparative Literature at the Faculty of Philology in Skopje. At the University of Bucharest, Romania, she holds a doctorate in Romanian literature and has taught Macedonian language and literature.

Has published six collections of poetry “Rozhbi od Istok” (East from the East) 1992; “Ognot na bukvite” (Fire of letters) 1994; “Izgrizani nokti” (Bitten nails) 1998; Nobel Prize Nobel (Nobel v. Nobel) 2001; “Ideal weight” (Ideal weight) 2008; “PH neutralna za zhivotot i smrtta” (neutral pH for life and death) 2009 and “Cërno na bello” (Black on white) 2016; three novels “Hidden Camera” (Hidden Camera) 2004, 2012; “Zivot Reserve” (Reserve Life) 2012, 2013, 2015, 2018; and “No-Ui” (No-Ui) 2016, 2018; an American diary “Otade L” (2018) and a short collection of short stories “Koga zaminav od Karl Libkneht” (When I left Karl Libkneht) 2019 translated into many languages.

She has won the Macedonian Prize for her debut poetic work “Studentski zbor”, twice the prose prize “Stale Popov” of the Macedonian Writers’ Association, the German Poetry Prize “Hubert Burda”, the Romanian Prize “Poesis” and “Tudor Argezi”, the prize European Poetry Prize “Petru Krdu”, the European Union Prize for Literature for the novel “Reserve Life”, special recognition “European Cultural Heritage” for best story, “Glass of Eternity” Slovenian for ten years of poetic opus, etc. Her books have also been nominated for American “Best Book with Translation” awards, both for poetry and prose, for the German “Berlin Bridge”, for the Polish “European Poet of Freedom” and for the international “Balkans”.

She has edited the anthology of Macedonian youth poetry, the anthology of contemporary Slovenian poetry in the Macedonian language, the contemporary anthology of minority and immigrant literature in Slovenia, and the anthology of literary texts by authors living in Slovenia while writing in the languages ​​of the former Yugoslavia. In Slovenia she actively deals with improving the integration of minority authors and immigrants in Slovenian literature, researching, conducting workshops and preparing presentations and lectures on the subject.

She has participated in numerous international literary meetings, readings and literary tours in Europe and the US as well as in residences such as Iowa, Berlin, Graz, Krems, Vienna, Salzburg, Split, Tirana, Okinawa and London. In Ljubljana, based on her poetry, the dance-music-poetry performance “What Remains” choreographed by Andreja Podrzavnik has been performed many times.

She was a member of the jury of the international award “Hubert” in Poland, as well as chair of the jury for the award “Vilenica” of the International Literature Festival in Slovenia.

She has translated several literary works of Romanian and Slovenian literature into Macedonian, including the winners of the Golden Wreath of Poetry from the Struga Poetry Evenings, Ana Bllandijana and Tomaz Shallamun.

She is an Honorary Member and Laureate of the International Poetry Festival “Ditet e Naimit”, Tetovo.