XXV Edition of the International Poetry Festival “Ditet e Naimit”

From 21-24 October 2021, in Tetovo will be held the 25th Edition of the International Poetry Festival “Ditet e Naimit”. It will be characterized by a busy literary, artistic and cultural program. There will be several literary readings, 5 new books of the publishing house “Ditet e Naimit” will be promoted, as well as various visits to cultural, historical and religious monuments in the city of Tetovo, Struga, Korca and Pogradec, said the director of FNP “Ditet e Naimit”, Shaip Emërllahu.

Poets from different countries of the world will participate in the 25th Edition of the International Poetry Festival “Ditet e Naimit” such as: Kama Sywor Kamanda (KONGO / LUXEMBOURG), Giussepe Napolitano (ITALY), Attila F. Balazs (ROMANIA), Jona Burghardt (GERMANY), Tobias Burghardt (ARGENTINA / GERMANY), Metin Cengiz (TURKEY), Agnieszka Herman (POLAND), Mehmet Ismayl (AZERBAIJAN), Triin Soomets (ESTONIA), Jorge Torres Medina (KOL NORG) ), Alicja Kuberska (POLAND), Endre Kukorelly (ROMANIA), Viola Isufaj (ALBANIA), Marta Markovska (NORTHERN MACEDONIA), Shqipe Malushi (KOSOVA), Ndue Ukaj (KOSOVA), Naime Beqiraj (KOSOVA),Rosalia Aleksandrova (BULGARIA) Mohammed El Amraoui (MOROCCO / FRANCE), Gale Burns (ENGLAND), Esteban Charpentier (ARGENTINA), Nivedita Lakhera (INDIA / USA), Chad Norman (CANADA), Salajdin Salihu (NORTH MACEDONIA), Rati Saxena (INDI) , Isuf Sherifi (NORTH MACEDONIA).

Thus, the opening ceremony of the XXV Edition of the International Poetry Festival “Ditet e Naimit” will take place on Thursday at 19.30, through a performance of fireworks in front of the Cultural Center “Naim Frashëri”, in Tetova. The director of the Festival, Shaip Emërllahu, the Congo laureate Kama Sywor Kamanda and a delegation from the Bektashi Community will lay bouquets in front of the statue of the great poet “Naim Frashëri”. At the entrance of the Cultural Center, the public will have the opportunity to receive the Anthology of this edition and other new books of the Festival.

Then in the Great Hall will be the official opening of the Program of the 25th Edition FNP “Ditet e Naimit”, where the opening will be made by the director of the Festival Mr. Shaip Emerllahu.
At the opening of this edition, actor Arsim Kaleci will recite the poem “Words of the Candle” by Naim Frashëri, while from a musical point, with piano, guitar and flute will perform virtuoso of classical music artists.
In the great literary hour ‘Poetic Globe’, in addition to the reading of the poets, the great literary prize will be awarded and the title of Honorary Member will be given to the laureate from Congo, the poet Kama Kamanda, who, the jury of the Festival by prof. dr. Ymer Ciraku (Albania), Mr. Ndue Ukaj (Kosova) and prof. Xhelal Zejneli (North Macedonia), awarded it some time ago. The great literary award “Naim Frashëri” and the high title, Honorary Members of the Festival, have so far been received by well-known writers and intellectuals, such as Ismail Kadare and Fatos Arapi (Albania), Desmond Egan (Ireland), Thomas Tidholm (Sweden) , Manlio Argueta (Salvador), Ali Podrimja (Kosova), Abdellatif Laabi (Morocco), Peter Poulsen (Denmark), Lionel Ray, (France), Eva Lipska (Poland), Craig Czury (USA), Tua Forsstrom (Finland), Athanase Vantchev de Thracy (France), Sebastiano Grasso (Italy), Kuei shien Lee (Taiwan), Beat Brehbuhl (Switzerland), George Wallace (USA), Fiona Sampson (England) etc.

On the second day of the Program, we will go on an excursion to Struga, Ohrid and Pogradec. The Literary Hour “Poets and Verses” will be held in the hall of the Municipality of Pogradc. The books published by the publishing house “Ditet e Naimit” are the book of last year’s laureate Lidia Dimkovska “Now and Here”, translated into Albanian, the book with papers of the scientific conference entitled “Naim Frashëri and the homeland”, two books of Albanian authors Isuf Sherifi entitled “Fryme” and the book bilingual Albanian-English by the poet Bujar Plloshtani entitled “Fjala e gjymte”, as well as the anthology of poems of the poets participating in the Festival “Symphony of the Wind”, prepared by Shaip Emërllahu. Poets and scholars Ymer Çiraku, Begzat Baliu, Salajdin Salihu, Ilir Shita and Bujar Plloshtani will talk about these books.

On the third day according to the Program, it will be opened the photo exhibition “25th Anniversary of IPF “Ditet e Naimit”, will be held a scientific conference entitled “DAYS OF NAIM, NAIM FRASHERI AND SILKE LIRIA BLUMBACH “, where over 20 Albanian and foreign researchers will represent their scientific paperworks. Then it will be represented the documentary film dedicated to the poet Silke Liria Blumbach by the author Narta Emerllahu entitled “A YEAR AFTER MY DEATH…”.
Meanwhile, in the evening, the great literary hour “Poetic Meridians” will be held, where many foreign and Albanian poets will read their poems and the other 5 literary prizes of the Festival will be awarded.
At the end, the 25th jubilee edition of the IPF “Ditet e Naimit” will be closed.

This year the festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of North Macedonia, as well as the sponsor restaurant “Kurtishi”.

D. Hadri

Tetova, 18. X. 2021