Press Conference of the Direction of the International Poetry Festival “Ditët e Naimit”


Today in the Cultural Centre of Tetova, the Direction of the International Poetry Festival “Ditët e Naimit” hold its press conference, where the director Shaip Emërllahu and the chairman of the jury Prof. Dr. Ymer Çiraku informed about the laureate of the 14th edition, the well-known Polish and European poet Ewa Lipska. Earlier laureates of the “Naim Frashëri” prize are the well-known poets Ismail Kadare (Albania), Desmond Egan (Ireland), Abdyllatif Laâbi (Morocco), Lionel Rey (France), Thomas Tidholm (Sweden), Peter Poulsen (Denmark), Manlio Argueta (El Salvador) etc.

The Direction declared the current laureate Ewa Lipska also as an honorary member of the Festival.

Laureatja Ewa Lipska

Ewa Lipska (Poloni)

In this press conference, the chairman of the jury, Prof. Dr. Ymer Çiraku, read out the motivation for the awarding of the great prize of the festival to the Polish poet Ewa Lipska.

He stressed among others that Ewa Lipska is one of the best known poets of contemporary Polish literature, besides the Nobel prize winner Wislawa Szymborska and others like Tomasz Rozicki, Adam Zagajewski and Adam Zdrodowski. He said that her poetry is highly praised by her critics for its dramatism and its fine imagery. This textual model is above all a discourse about the unprotected individual in its eternal endeavours for existence, which goes up to the limits of hermeticism and the poetic rebus. As a poet attracted by existential circumstances, she follows and modifies innovatively the known manners of the Sartrian revolt. The paradox and the absurd are the preferred background of this poetry, where the individual does not just desire to get reconciled with the tragical end, but to witness the resistence of his or her human status. Ewa Lipska’s poetry is characterized by the inner monologue, by philosophical digressions and narrative lines of a story as part of the unique, universal history. In the 90-es, Ewa Lipska has represented as officially accredited the Polish culture in Vienna, thus becoming an ambassador of communication between two peoples, an attribute now won by her whole poetry in Europe and beyond, said Ymer Çiraku.


Director Shaip Emerllahu and prof. Dr. Ymer Çiraku

In the end, the director of the festival Shaip Emërllahu revealed the journalists also some details of the programme of the 14th edition of the International Poetry Festival, which will take place from 14 to 17 October in Tetova. This year, about 40 poets from over 20 countries of the world as well as poets from the entire Albanian area have confirmed their participation.